Chapter Excellence Survey Results : How Can Your Position Help Your Council Position With Other Competing Obligations?

Chapter Excellence Survey Results : How Can Your Position Help Your Council Position With Other Competing Obligations?

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1.) Please list all positions you have held in Kappa Delta, both past and present, including appointed positions, committees and council.
• Shamrock Committee
2.) Based on the chapter excellence survey results, how can your position help the chapter improve in the three lowest-ranked chapter excellence areas?
3.) Council members are held to a higher standard. If you were to assume a council position, how would you hold yourself to that higher standard throughout your entire term?
• If I were to assume a council position, I would continue to hold myself to the standard of striving for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. I think the best leaders are those who lead by example, and I would strive every day to be that example and let Kappa Delta shine through my academics, community service, and friendships.
4.) How do you plan to prioritize your council position with other competing obligations? (i.e. family, relationships, school, personal time, etc.)
• Time management is the key to balancing priorities like school, Kappa Delta, work, church, and a social life. I’ve balanced work, school, etc. since I was 16. This past summer I actually worked two jobs (about 56 hours a week), while juggling other obligations, so I could pay for school and give my little the big/little week she deserved. So, managing time wisely comes second nature to me, and I’m willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of Kappa Delta.
5.) An effective council works together as a team. How would you describe your own leadership style? Describe a time when you were working in a team setting and your team was faced with conflict and challenges. What did you do to overcome this hardship?
• I believe there are two parts to every leader: why ...

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• A Council-Appreciation day will show council that the chapter recognizes their hard work and appreciates it. Feeling appreciated is directly correlated to productivity.
9.) How have you benefited from being a member of Kappa Delta Sorority? How do you want your chapter members to benefit from being a member of Kappa Delta Sorority? What steps will to take to bring this to fruition?
• Kappa Delta has already done so much for me in just a year. Kappa Delta has chipped away at my shell a little a time through pulling me out of my comfort zone for girl-scout events, socials, recruitment, and big/little week. My sisters’ constant encouragement has boosted my confidence more than they will ever know. I was given the most perfect big and little I could ever imagine. Kappa Delta has instilled new leadership qualities in me and strengthened some I already possessed.

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