Chapter Analysis: Odysseus by Homer Essay

Chapter Analysis: Odysseus by Homer Essay

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1) Odysseus leaves for war in Troy and has trouble coming back, because Poseidon is upset with Odysseus. Athena goes to Ithica to try to help Telemachus (Odysseus’s son). Telemachus’s mother has so many suitors at her palace wanting to marry her. Telemachus and Athena (disguised) go to an old family friends house and asks for help. Athena tells Telemachus to go find his dad.

(2-3) There was an assembly for the suitors and everyone. They are making Penelope marry someone. She says she will pick someone after she is done weaving something. She believes that Odysseus is alive. Telemachus leaves and does not tell his mother he is leaving, so he does not worry her. Telemachus and Athena leave and Athena is disguised as mentor at Pylos. Mentor makes a good impression on King Nestor. Telemachus tells that he is Odysseus’s son and asks about his father.

(4) Athena and Telemachus arrives at Sparta. He asks about his father again. He finds out from Helen and Menelaus that his father is alive and is living in Calypso with a Nymph.

(5-6) Zeus sends Odysseus to Ogygia, Calypso and Hermes tells Calypso to Odysseus. Someone gave Odysseus materials to build a raft and some food. On his way to Ethiopia, Poseidon see’s. Poseidon opens the ocean and tries to make him drown. Athena and a sea Nymph named Leucothea helps him. He makes it to the island of Scheria, Home of the Pheacians. Athena visits Nausiaa in her sleep. Athena tells her to help wash the clothes with her maids, and to get a mule cart. Nausicaa asks her father to go washing. She eats washes clothes, and plays games. She see’s Odysseus and he flatters her because he wants to go to town. Nausicaa helps Odysseus look nice because she wants her parents to think he i...

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...or jewels. Odysseus says pay back will be by death. Telemachus, Odysseus, cow and swine heard kill all the suitors. Odysseus has the maids clean up all of the blood and hangs the disloyal maids. He doesn’t hang Euriclea.

(23-24) Penelope tested Odysseus. Telemachus is sticking up for his dad because Penelope didn’t believe it was him. She is shock she didn’t think he would come home. There are two signs that she would know it was Odysseus. Penelope asked Euriclea to move the bed. Odysseus is mad because he built this bed around the olive tree. That is one of the signs that she knew it was Odysseus. Then they are reunited. Odysseus sees his dad and has to prove it’s him. He tells him about his scar and his orchards. His dad knows it’s him and they are reunited. The suitors’ families come for revenge. Athena and Zeus tell them to stop fighting.

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