Chaperones Should Be Present During Intimate Medical Examinations Essay

Chaperones Should Be Present During Intimate Medical Examinations Essay

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There have been many documented cases of doctors being falsely accused from behaving inappropriately during intimate examinations. It could be argued that a chaperone should be recommended for physical examinations of all parts of the patient’s body. Doctors have extensively been advised to have a chaperone present during any physical intimate examinations to provide protection to the doctor against false allegations. But the frequency of chaperone utilization in health clinics has generally remained low in the United States. For years now there has been a heated debate whether or not chaperones should be present during intimate examinations and every time the argument is rekindled, it ends in a stalemate, and is a topic that tends to stay away from (1.2). However, chaperones should be present during an intimate examination to provide protection to health care professionals against false allegation.

The Medical Board constructs a new supplementary guidance on ‘Maintaining Boundaries’ during an intimate examination. The Medical Board states that ‘Maintaining Boundaries’ acquire doctors to be sensitive to what patients may perceive as ‘intimate’ (6). The Medical Board explains that intimate examinations can refer to an examination that involves female breasts, the genitalia, or the rectum of a patient. According to the Medical Board, there are situations that may cause embarrassment or stress to patients. In some religions, examination by a member of the opposite sex is prohibited and the removal of clothes makes patients feel distressing. Example includes when a patient may need to undress for a skin check; patients who may be uncomfortable to be alone with a member of the opposite sex, or the physical examination of a patient ...

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...sed (International Business Times).

However, both arguments whether or not a chaperone being present during intimate examinations make compelling and relevant points. But we need to protect our health care professionals against false accusation or any kind of misconducts and in order to protect our physicians; chaperones should be present during intimate examinations. Since frequency of chaperones use in health clinics has generally remained low in the United States, we need to generate, a clear national standard of guideline or restriction in the United States to protect our health care professionals. I also strongly recommend our physicians to keep in mind that they are at an increased risk of their actions being misconduct or misinterpreted if they conduct intimate examinations where no chaperone is present because we this is a litigation-conscious society.

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