Essay about The CHAOS Manifesto

Essay about The CHAOS Manifesto

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The CHAOS Manifesto 2012 is a compilation of view on global project statistics specifically concentrated on the United States and Europe. The report is based on four Standish Services: the CHAOS knowledge center, DARTS (Demand Assessment Requirements Tracking Survey), Executive Sponsor Workshops and Executive Interviews. Although the manifesto concentrates on statistics primarily whereas, the 2012 report talks about the various success factors of an executive sponsor as leadership plays a crucial role in deciding the success or failure of a project. The CHAOS knowledge center collects monthly survey which include 20-25 survey question, the DARTS is an online research instrument.
The report is also based on 18 years of CHAOS research on projects, the profile on over 80,000 completed projects and over 500 workshops conducted by the Standish groups CHAOS University. Apart from these it includes data from various project “group therapy” sessions and executive retreats which are based on project management.
The report begins by giving the latest statistics on project success and failures. The report says that success of a report depends on few factors like if the project was finished on time, if it was on budget and finally if the customer got all his requirements. Any project which fails to meet the above conditions is defined as challenged .The report also talks about when a project is considered a failure i.e. when a project is failed to deliver or delivered and never used. The success percentage shows that there has been a 37% success rate, 47% of the projects were challenged and that 215 were deemed as failures. Now, the report has also illustrated the project success-failure rates of the previous years and we can see that th...

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...y it. The report talks about the importance of an executive sponsor who can lead a team, now what we need to take from this is know how important a factor is software engineering is and how every element associated with it plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a project. For example, as mentioned earlier in the report “Understand the project life cycle”, this is a crucial part of the project as one wrong assumption with the execution of project can lead to the project over shooting its budget, time or worse can lead to its failure.
Considering the relevance the report has to our course I think the document is a very big asset to both the industry and students in understanding what is going wrong and how can we fix it. This report comes very close to accomplishing that.

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