Changing Youth Discipleship Perspective: From Outward to Inward Ministry

Changing Youth Discipleship Perspective: From Outward to Inward Ministry

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Nowadays youth ministry leaders are too much concentrated on creating fun and relaxed atmosphere to bring more people in. We want to get more people in church. We worry that they cannot attach to people. We afraid that new comers will be bored. That is why we so much emphasize relationship in sense of having fun.
However the other side of discipleship is being lost. Though Christian teachings have been taught at Bible studies, one-to-one classes, it is not enough. The need of nowadays discipleship and mentoring is to show believers those doctrines, teachings, studies are to be practices. This knowledge should be taught not as simple theory. At the same time if emphasis is made only on practical part it is wrong. The reason, meaning and purpose of every Christian practices should be explained.
The purpose of this paper is to describe the model of mentorship and discipleship, which will aim to lead believers to learn what is, why to and how to live as true worshiper. It is assumed that these factors will be foundation for healthy and constant growth of spirituality of young people.

The spirituality in the light of purpose of ministry

The purpose of any ministry in church is to help believer to be changed in the image of God through Holy Spirit. Church has to facilitate this change and participate in this process.
What is the goal of youth ministry as part of church? The General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church in 1983 accepted following purpose for its youth ministry:
To love youth where they are, encourage them in developing their relationships to God, provide them with opportunities for nurture and growth, and challenge them to response to God's call to serve in their communities. (Frye, 1...

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