Essay about Changing The Perception Of Disability

Essay about Changing The Perception Of Disability

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Changing The Perception of Disability
A perception is simply the way one thinks and understands something. It includes how we interact with our environment by responding to its information. People may have different perceptions of a similar thing depending on their interpretation. Some may be negative others may be positive, but unless you persuade them on the reality of the matter, by using relevant scenarios, they may not re-see neither correct their misperception. This essay aims at challenging and amending the misunderstood perspectives concerning disability by use of appropriate illustrations.
Disability is condition either mental or physical that limits the daily activities like a persons movement. There are many perceptions concerning impaired people, most of which are negative. Over the years, opinions toward incapacity have varied significantly from one society to another. Some of these perceptions include, evil spirits possessing people with disability, them facing prejudice, and being shameful to associate with the disabled and the most common one that they are not as productive as others. A current research shows that the largest number of people, about 80 percent, perceive those with a disability as unproductive and a burden to society.
The unproductivity perception has caused a lot of discrimination, ridicule, isolation and rejection to the disabled. Impaired people are not unproductive as many tend to believe. In fact, those with a disability can do some things that the others cannot. A good example is Franklin Roosevelt who had polio and ended up being the governor of New York and then was elected to be the president of the United States.
Recently a research carried out on attitudes towards the impaired showed a lo...

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...h kinds of illustrations, it is quite clear that the disabled people can do more than what most people expect from them and they do not deserve any kind of discrimination due to their conditions. Most countries have also discovered the great potential in disabled people and are trying all they can to support them. There are also many non-governmental associations that have been formed in various states for the support of the same. Some of these initiatives are investing more on sustainable systems of social care for those with a disability, creating awareness on disability, commitments of making higher education inclusive of the disabled and many more. With the kind of spirit and effort from multiple countries, it is clear that they have joined to stop the various negative perceptions regarding disability and we should also join them in support of the disabled.

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