Essay on The Changing Structure Of The United Kingdom Public Sector

Essay on The Changing Structure Of The United Kingdom Public Sector

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Work stress is one of the most important challenges in the 21 century in United Kingdom and globally (Greenberg, 2011). The changing structure of the United Kingdom public sector has increased the range of stressors (Chandola, 2010). These changes have been attributed to the speed in organisational changes internally and externally: such as advances in technology, globalisation and the constant demand to sustain competitive advantage (Ramesar, 2009). This has led to changes in work structures (Corbridge, 2010), such as “labour market flexibility” which was intended to help organisation maximise and build efficiency to compete in the global competitive markets ( Bratton and Gold., 2007, p. 130). These new shift within the public sector, in particular labour market flexibility, is characterised by zero hour contract, the outsourcing of temporary work through agencies and short term contracts, has led to negative impact on workers physical and psychological health (Peter, R.,Siegrist, J., 2000). Another concern for this research is the decline in public sector satisfaction, statistic from the Public Sector People Management (PPMA., 2015) found that private sector job satisfaction remained relatively the same whilst public sector declined. The increase in stressors and psychosocial hazards, work stress is a serious challenge for Human Resource Management despite several research and work intervention, dysfunctional stress are linked to absenteeism, presentism, accidents and turnover presentism ( Matteson, J & Ivancevich, 1987) cost the UK 11 billion according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executives ((HSE), 2005/2006).

Background of Study
This qualitative phenomenological research focuses on work stre...

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...h follow a stable pattern (alarm reaction, resistance, exhaustion). The three main traditional approaches in the literature defines stress (stimulus, response, interaction), stress as a ‘stimuli’ which refers to major life events, perceive as external to the person, therefore each situation differs to another, (Levy, 1998), this model often perceive stress as autonomous to the individual. The response base approach focuses on the physiological consequence, how the body response to particular strains.

The limitation where the assumption of homogeneity, that the individual particularly experiences, is identified as the same (Cox, 1990). Therefore, it is unlikely that this approach would consider individual differences. According to Selye (1976) this approach is based on the outcomes or the consequences rather than the nature of the problem or the root of the cause.

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