Essay on Changing Photojournalism Education in American Universities

Essay on Changing Photojournalism Education in American Universities

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Changing Photojournalism Education in American Universities
Kenneth Kenney stated the obvious in 1987- “The lack of trained teachers and educators and standard teaching materials is the most pressing problem in photojournalism education” (Kenney 1987). The same rings true today- professors in the fields of journalism and photojournalism are practicing the same things they were taught in college- many have been out of the workforce for years, if they were working journalists or photojournalists at all. Today’s professors were trained in the beginning of the digital age or earlier, and practices and requirements for the future photojournalists have changed, and are continuing to change daily. Without the proper re-education of these professors, students from the “Net-Generation” will be improperly trained for their role as photojournalists in the workforce (Oblinger & Oblinger 2005). Some professors are habitually technologically unsavvy- they don’t use technology. Oblinger and Oblinger shows a scenario where a student tries to get in touch with their teacher via e-mail, to no avail. Why? The professor doesn’t check it. Professors like this, which are more common than not, are those that need to be re-trained in technology. They need to understand their students, and their students’ needs, rather than just their ways of the past (Oblinger and Oblinger, 2005).
The same can be said for teaching materials. Without the proper funding from patrons and the schools, the journalism departments cannot afford to update the teaching materials. Examples include Photoshop- which constantly updates its software, as well as cameras. Students with no access to the cameras that they may use in the workforce, such as the Canon 5d Mark III (retail pri...

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