Essay about The Changing Of The Human Mind

Essay about The Changing Of The Human Mind

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The Changing of the Human Mind
Humans are an ever evolving species that changes all the time. When written language came along it radically changed the thought process and humans overall outlook on the world. While writing is still our main form of communication when technology comes to mind everyone 's first thought would be either a phone or a computer. These technologies have molded their way into society and are now common place. From human speech patterns to human processing it has changed us in a similar format that writing has. At a young age we are exposed to such simple and helpful tools to help us in everyday life almost like when man was exposed to such commodity as fire and writing forms. The use of computers has molded human interaction and processing of situations by making things simple and more convenient, because it has become an important teaching tool in childhood education, Most people have one technological computer on them, and the use of computers in today 's society is almost unavoidable because of the sheer number of technological devices.
While the practical use of computers is a distraction from real life into the digital world. It 's used for information gathering and school have used it for just that. Introducing it to children and into a educational system to teach kids how to use them correctly to get the information needed out of them. The school systems have made sure that a computer is a place to turn to for knowledge and for help in any subject if no one is around. “Machines are being designed to serve explicitly as companions, pets, and tutors”(Turkle 222). While computers are also great informational data banks they are also great for communicating with their teachers and they are even requi...

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...the minds of adults and children alike. Children are introduced to it at a young age because of the convenience it is on them and the sheer entertainment value of it. Society has built so many social interactions around things like phones and computers that if you don 't have a form of technology it can be impossible to make friends and be successful. This is shown by the sheer amount of them are around because no one wants to fail and society proves that by putting technology everywhere. It is unavoidable and because of this we have been changed by it. Humans are an evolving species and technology has shaped the humans that are living on earth in this day and age. Humans are exposed and rely on technology more than any other thing scientist have ever invented before. This in turn has affected the thought process and created a society that revolves around technology.

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