Essay about Changing Landscape Of The United States

Essay about Changing Landscape Of The United States

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The United States portrays a very drastic and changing landscape. In many of the United States’ standing aspects - it is seen by many as a first world country. However, looking throughout the United States’ ongoing history, it can also be inferred that not only is the United States a first world nation, it can also be seen as a developing one as well. A nation that has been, and is currently being, cultured and developed into what it strives to be based on its established doctrines. The United States has constantly added onto, shifted, and changed in areas such as public opinion and policy. What has made the United States stand out from other nations was its basis of freedom - for the people, by the people; A nation that brings big change, from actions brought about by its citizens. Various actions have taken place throughout history that brought about such changes to the US, but the most important type of action that is always in the public eye is the acts of dissent by the US citizens. Dissent is essentially the activity of critical thinking, the act of an individual to think for oneself and question authority, and perform actions to bring their ideologies to light (Britannica Academic, 2014). The United States was founded upon these major acts of dissent. “Dissent created this nation, and it played, indeed it still plays, a fundamental role in fomenting change and pushing the nation in sometimes-unexpected directions” (Young, 2015). From the earliest days of the United States, with various acts of religious dissent - to current acts of dissent regarding issues such as climate change and race - no matter where the acts of dissent takes the United States, it works its way as the cement that ties this nation into which it will sta...

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...bly during the 1900s, the faces and dissenters shifted to a new set of great leaders who pushed the campaign further. For example, Alice Paul, a militant suffragist, carried protests and demonstrations at the White House. Upon being arrested, she carried hunger strikes, and made many efforts to have her ideologies rise above the authority figures that denied her (Young, 2015).
Moreover, dissent is a critical element in the making of the United States. The US is a developing nation, in the sense that it develops as these movements proceed on. Throughout the nation’s history, many reformations to policy and ideology have occurred - which is why the United States is seen as a highly changing landscape. These changes are brought upon by the act of dissent, which allows individuals to bring their opinions and ideas to light - and brings forth change for a better tomorrow.

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