The Changing Identity And World Of Bilbo Baggins Essay

The Changing Identity And World Of Bilbo Baggins Essay

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The Changing Identity and World of Bilbo Baggins
Identity is believed to be the foundation of individuality. It defines who we are and who we choose to be and how we are thought of by others we deal with. Each and every one of us makes personal choices and decisions throughout our lives that define our character and us as a person in general. In the story of “The Hobbit”, this is no different. Personal choices define each of the characters identity. Each character in the story displays characteristics of both the past and their present situations. The identity of each character is what makes each of them an individual and it determines who they are and who others in the story see them as.
In the story of “The Hobbit”, each character takes on a specific characteristic. In each of these characters identity on the surface is decided more by their race, family and their past rather than anything else in the beginning of the story. By making definite choices each character comes to define their own fate and challenge their own destiny and the outcome of their adventure.
The main character in the story, Bilbo Baggins was just a simple ordinary routine-loving hobbit. Despite being a creature the reader has never seen, Bilbo Baggins is described in physical, psychological, and social terms that are quite understandable. He looks like an adult human, except that he is about half the height,

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is beardless, and has thick curly hair growing on his feet. He is quite domestic and enjoys the comfort of his well-furnished hobbit-hole, good food, and a pipe. From his mother 's side of the family, he has a model for adventurousness and also the financial resources to enjoy a life of leisure. The psychological conflict bet...

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... the journey he was to take but at the end after proving his courage and bravery returning to his simple life seems like an act of heroism in itself. By the end of the story Bilbo has changed on his journey from innocence to experience. Even though
Bilbo doesn’t realize it at first, with the help of Gandalf he sees he has changed. He has become brave and fearless. He has also learned the value of friendship and kindness through his new friends and their journey together which has now forever

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changed Bilbo’s life and destiny. Something he would not have experienced if it was not for all these adventures and the characters he has met.
Clearly, characters in the story of “The Hobbit” defined their own purpose by making those personal choices and challenging matters such as race and family and even each other to become something greater than before.

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