Changing Diapers And Changing Society : Breaking Traditional Gender Roles

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Changing Diapers to Changing Society: Breaking Traditional Gender Roles Should men know the basics of home maintenance and yard work? If you asked the general public, the answer would almost definitely be a resounding yes. In today’s culture, most people agree that both men and women have responsibilities in a household, but what happens when these duties are more nontraditional? Do most people agree that men should be proficient in sewing, baking, and nurturing young children, typically “feminine” activities? According to a YouTube interview with Steve Harvey and several men and women, the opinion on the role of fathers seems to be split. Some people, both men and women, believe that a man should take the role of the provider and that it would unacceptable for a man to stay at home to care for his children while his wife works and brings home a paycheck. This side of the discussion tends to consider stay at home fathers lazy or feminine because they are not playing the more culturally accepted role of the provider for the family. The more accepting side sees gender as much less defining and rigid when it comes to who works and who stays home. They don’t believe that masculinity is only the stereotypically manly tasks society tell us that it is and that men can be excellent caretakers of children. Household chores do not have to be limited to emptying the garbage, doing repairs, and mowing lawns, but can take the form of laundry, cooking, and cleaning without any sense of shame. While society has become more accepting of the non-traditional gender role of the stay at home dad, the stigma of childcare being considered feminine is still present in our culture. The following analysis will look at several forms of media to examine ba... ... middle of paper ... ...ity, and femininity. Stay at home fathers are becoming more and more common, along with nontraditional ideas about what gender means. These men represent a group of individuals who are breaking stereotypes of masculinity and are one example of the ways society has been slowly altering perceptions and attitudes. Men may become stay at home fathers for a variety of reasons, but it is important to remember that the number choosing to do so for the main purpose of caring for their children has increased significantly. This trend demonstrates that more men have become more open to the idea of redefining what it means to be a father. Whether a mother, father, or daycare takes care of a child in today’s world simply depends on what is best for the family and their individual lifestyle and needs. We no longer live in the world of rigid roles and obligations based on gender.

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