Changes Within the Education System Essay

Changes Within the Education System Essay

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There are platitudes of issues and elements that pertain to the educational process as well as curriculum development that are addressed on a routine basis. As many researchers have discussed, and administrators and teachers alike have grown to understand, if this current educational model/system is to produce creative, productive, active, and technologically savvy students-citizens the worst actions are perhaps having no actions at all (Stansbury, 2013). In addition to the grandiose mistakes of becoming stagnant (progress), educators and administrators are faced with increasing demands at the highest levels; this of course is making reference to both federal and state legislation such as No Child Left Behind, perhaps the most groundbreaking legislation to date. These rigorous demands are curriculum based, creating definitive and innovative opportunities for educators, especially those in positions to promote and formulate new curriculum models as well as propose the implementation of a new curricula into the system, to better prepare students within their educational system/process exactly what the demands of a 21st century requires. These demands are in reference to an article written by Richard Long titled Career Success Demands Strong 21st Century Literacy Skills. Long states several skills that will be required if American students are to play catch –up with the rest of the world as well as perhaps attain their position at the top of the upper echelon of world educational rankings (Long, 2010).
Change is not always viewed as an opportunity, it is frequently observed by teachers, students, and administrators as a burden rather than an avenue to success (Graff, 2011). There are a vast number of elements that ...

... middle of paper ...

...enting new curriculum at practically any level may be face with a certain degree of resistance. If the new curriculum survives the multiple layers of committee meetings and review it would however even after it is passed be faced with scrutiny. There are measures one may take to ensure a smooth transition and to fend off such resistance. These are:
1. Listen to all concerns from constitutes and stakeholders within the learning community.
2. Provide flexibility within the context of said new curriculum for professors and staff alike (ownership).
3. Adequate funding and training for the new curriculum model being implemented.
4. Flexibility of feedback. Allow changes if necessary to the new program as needed.
5. Support. Provide adequate support from administration to professors and students. Letting them fully understand the scope of the curriculum and its benefits.

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