Essay on The Changes Of Europeans ' Views On Race And Freedom

Essay on The Changes Of Europeans ' Views On Race And Freedom

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Being part of a revolution is quite rare since the fact of it being a change in era isn’t really obvious until the change is actually accepted by most. Still, being part of such a cause, even unknowingly, means much to the entire world, whether it be at the time or later on. Digging deeper into a specific man who was part of such a transformation was Juan de Pareja, an African man of his own ways. Why take his example and what did he contribute? Well, Pareja was a very cogent counterexample for many stereotypes. He was his own person, living his life his own way, even if it meant concocting African and European cultures. Some of his and others’ ideas which were present in the early modern European era were major causes to the shaping of Europeans’ views on race and freedom.
Cultural shift, a change in society’s judging minds, and freedom, for the Africans who are chained by those racist thoughts - the goals needed to be achieved for Africans. But that didn’t seem like happening any sooner, given that the Africans were turned to for the stock of slavery since the Baltic Sea was no longer the place to go trading for slaves. But change did happen. In what ways did the people of change represent these rising ideas? Well, some put these ideas to the world through artwork. For example, Andrés Sánchez Gallique showed real non-Europeans, Africans in specific, dressed in a complete middle to high class European clothing (“The Mulatto Gentlemen of Esmeraldas, 1599”). Over these people’s attires grew argument and open-mindedness. Who would combine the two extremes together? Dark skin with fancy European garbs just do not work together, or do they? While this thought had some obvious presence in the world of the time, the idea gradually chan...

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...ll Africans were degraded by Europeans afterwards. If the dark-skinned actually climbed up the steep mountain to reach the peak, then they actually stayed at the peak instead of being pushed back down to the ground, which is how it was before the rejection of the given low standards of Africans. Now, if Africans reached a status, they had a better chance of staying in that status.
Juan de Pareja was a man above his times, for he did not fit in as the others. He was like the oddly shaped puzzle piece not even part of the puzzle. But as it is looked upon closer, it can be obviously observed that piece is picture of it’s own. While, lo and behold, slavery is still present in the world today, and thousands every day are being judged by their race, back in the day in Europe, this slow, gradual movement was a start, was a little bit of daylight for those stuck in the mud.

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