Changes in Sacred Landscapes: The Case of Snowbowl Essay

Changes in Sacred Landscapes: The Case of Snowbowl Essay

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Changes in Sacred Landscapes
This topic, changes in sacred landscapes, concerns itself with the economical, spiritual and cultural conflicts presently occurring in the Southwest. Locally, the ski resort, Arizona Snowbowl, is under fire for using reclaimed water for snow production. The San Francisco Peaks , where Snowbowl is located, are considered sacred to 13 different Native American tribes. This act of snow production is considered harmful to the environment, as well as extremely disrespectful to the local tribes. As of the 2012 winter, Snowbowl has been artificially producing snow and presently continues to be a heavily debated economic and cultural understanding topic in Northern Arizona.

According to the Arizona Snowbowl action proposal, a typical season should last from “December to Easter” (Arizona SnowBowl Upgrade proposed Action, September 2002, p.2). However, in recent past seasons, this has not been the case. Snowbowl has been needing their seasons to last longer and be more fulfilling for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The ski season brings huge economical benefits to Flagstaff. These include “lodging, food, sporting goods, clothing, gasoline and entertainment and 400 jobs to Flagstaff residents” (Murray, p.1). A good, full season would bring in roughly 20 million dollars, and this is why it is so important to Snowbowl and the town of Flagstaff to have this continuous season. According to Snowbowl, their solution is installing snow-machines to insure a full ski season. This however, has come along with a multitude of protests.

Over the course of the past few years for this Action Proposal, many various environmentalist and Native American Tribes have expressed concern with snowmaking. They are worried abo...

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...ribes. Although Snowbowl brings forth some economical benefits, it still does not provide enough of a positive impact in my mind to continue this process.

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