Essay on Changes During The Victorian Era

Essay on Changes During The Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era

Throughout the years of 1837 to 1901, there was rapid changes in development during the Victorian Era. Some examples of the new development that took hold during the Victorian Era include advancement in medical, scientific, and technological knowledge, to the changes in population growth and location. Throughout the drastic changes. the people of the countries mood changed. Their moods started out with confidence and optimism, then towards the end of the Victorian time period it turned into a economic boom which led to uncertainty and doubt regarding Britain’s place in the world (History in Focus”). The Victorian Era took place in a time of drastic changes in history, the time in history of when Queen Victoria ruled, and there was three major social classes. First, the Victorian Era was a very remarkable period in time, considering all that happened.
The Victorian Era went through some very substantial movements during their time in history. Most historians call this period in time the Industrial Revolution. Their improvements in science led to remarkable changes in medicine during this period in time. The most significant type of medicine breakthrough during the Victorian Era was the antiseptics. Antiseptics was invented by Joseph Lister, in the year of 1867. When Queen Victoria took chloroform for the birth of her son in 1853, antiseptics was then famously publicized. Some inventions that were created in the Victorian Era were the telephone, radio, toilet, cameras, and trains. They also had an increase in specialization, developments in surgery, and they had built more hospital buildings. From the beginning to the end of the Victorian Era they encountered the birth and also the spread in perfection to the...

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...uring the Victorian time period, the population of Great Britain doubled from sixteen million to thirty-seven million.
The Victorian time period took place in a time of significant chances in history, the time in history when Queen Victoria ruled, and three major social classes took place. The Victorians went through drastic changes during the Victorian Era, examples includes their improvements on medicines and surgery. Queen Victoria was the ruler in the Victorian Era, which was from 1837 to 1901. She holds the longest reign in British history, which was sixty-four years. The three main social classes during the Victorian time period was the upper class, middle class, and lower class. The Victorian Era encountered many different changes, good and bad, but throughout their time Queen Victoria was the best ruler she could of tried to be on leading their country.

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