Change Your Plan Based On A Study Of Your Needs

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- Change your plan based on a study of your needs, and then to complete additional studies and research focus groups. Repeat this process until such time until you feel you have a product or service that can be achieved with your target customers. - Make a list of non-customer feedback, which can affect the success of your supply factors. These factors include natural disasters or man-made changes in the economy or business, new technology. Make a list of alternative ways to attract customers, increase sales and expand its offerings to other markets if necessary. - All data were analyzed to determine whether they should go to a new product or service. • Use an assessment of external factors, costs, benefits, risks and opportunities to determine the scope of each marketing opportunity Costs Category Details Cost in First Year Lease 750 square feet available next door at $18 per square foot $13,500 Leasehold improvements Knock out walls and reconfigure office space $15,000 Hire two more designers Salary, including benefits Recruitment costs Orientation and training $75,000 $11,250 $3,000 Two additional workstations Furniture and hardware Software licenses $6,000 $1,000 Construction downtime Two weeks at approximately $7,500 revenue per week $15,000 Total $139,750 Benefits Benefit Benefit Within 12 Months 50 percent revenue increase $195,000 Paying in-house designers $15 an hour, versus $50 an hour outsourcing (100 hours per month, on average: savings equals $3,500 a month) $42,000 10 percent improved productivity per designer ($7,500 + $3,750 = $11,250 revenue per week with a 10 percent increase = $1,125/week) $58,500 Improved customer service and retention as a result of 100 percent in-house design $10,000 Total $305,500 • An... ... middle of paper ... ...that partners have the skills, product knowledge and commitment to effectively market our products. Distribution channels, including the preparation of product and marketing support materials, such as advertising and direct marketing standards, brochures and point of sale materials companies also appointed manager of marketing for the channel to work. Business partners can help them to develop sales. - Relationship Marketing: it helps companies to strengthen customer loyalty and increase revenue, which they receive from each client. Relationship marketing is aimed at improving the level and quality of contact between the customer and the company and creates more understanding of each client 's needs and settings. These activities include the publication of a newsletter courtesy call from a telemarketer, personalized offers and discounts for loyalty, repeat purchases.
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