Essay about The Change Stage Of Kurt Lewin

Essay about The Change Stage Of Kurt Lewin

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Move or act - Stage two. Change – after the unfreeze stage, the change stage is next. Kurt Lewin was aware that change is not an event but rather a process, which he called a transition. It is the inner movement or journey we make in reaction to a change. This second stage occurs as we make the changes that are needed. The transition from unfreeze to change does not happen overnight. This stage is often the hardest as people are unsure or even fearful. Time and communication are the two keys to successes for changes to occur. When managing change, this can require a great deal of time, effort and hand-on management is usually the best approach. (, 1996).
Make change permanent - Stage three. Freezing or refreezing. Lewin now refers to this stage as refreezing. This stage, the changes are now taking place. As the name suggests, it about establishing the stability once the changes have been made, changes are accepted and become the new norm. people form new relationships and become comfortable with their routines. Even though change is a constant in many organisations, the refreezing stage is very important. As part of refreezing process, organisations should celebrate the success of the change. It also helps workers to find closure, thank them for enduring a painful time and help them believe that future change will be successful. (, 1996).
Bullock and Batten (1985) Planned change. It is also another tool of change management. Exploration, Planning, Action, and Integrations or evaluates
How changes in health and social care are planned.
Characteristics of good planning are; clarity about present position and the desired future position (Beckhard and Harris). Planning transition between these two p...

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...ody has a say in the change.
Management style – the process of change, participative type of management style need to be adopted. Laissez-faire leadership, also known as delegative leadership. Where leaders are, hands-off and allow group members to make decisions. This also leads to lowest productivity among group members because everybody is doing their own thing. An autocratic management style is one that manager makes decision unilaterally, and without regards to his subordinates. Democratic management -they delegate authority, encourages participation, and empowers employees or team members have high employability skills and more productive as they are involved in the change, where creativity is encouraged. Without these, decision about change can be hindered, and team members will not have expertise to provide high quality input. (University of Aberdeen, 2016).

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