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The Changes In Media
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie once said, “The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are. Imagine how much happier we would be, how much freer to be our true individual selves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations.” It’s a common thing that the media forces beliefs about genders upon the society. Is it possible to believe that if the media portrayed gender equality, that the world would be a completely different place? For the most part, the world is a 50/50 split between males and females, but yet there seems to be extreme superiority for one gender over the other. With the gender quantity being mainly equal, wouldn’t it make sense that the roles in society and the way that they are portrayed be mainly equal also? The media should take control of tv shows that are based around women such as Desperate Housewives to show that women can dominate also. When looking at the show Desperate housewives, although the producer did a good job about including more women speaking parts in the show, the women are often portrayed negatively with multiple stereotypes attached to them.
Gender roles is not a new problem in the TV world. A 2014 study done by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film in San Diego, California has said that the media is “revealing some pretty dismal numbers when it comes to women in film and television, such as chronic underrepresentation” (Cipriani). The study showed that only 12% of the clearly identified protagonists were female. This is a decrease from the past. The 2014 study showed a total of 3% point decrease from 2013 and 4% point decrease since 2002. Also, the major character count was on the low side. In the stud...

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...emales. But, it still shows females as the weaker gender that is often times male dependent and has specific roles in society. The representation of women in the media matters because it shapes females opinions on what they are “supposed to be like.” Although women need to be shown that they are also important and can chose to do and be how they want, Desperate Housewives portrays women in a way that people feel women should act. The media producers needs to understand that females can majorly contribute to the media in a positive way. Gender equality matters for many reasons, especially shaping young women’s opinions. If the media has a hard time of portraying women as equally as men, and in a positive way, how will young women ever come to terms with the fact that men and women are equal in our society considering most of our daily lives is shaped around the media?

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