The Change Of Society By 1984 Essay

The Change Of Society By 1984 Essay

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The Change of Society
The government has been involved with society for many years. Whether it is just helping people out or controlling taxes, they have developed over time to be even more involved with people’s lives than they were just 10 years ago. Although some societies have their government involved more than others, it is seen in every country and state. In the movie Divergent and the book 1984, it expresses a dystopian society where the government has complete control over one large group of people. They can watch what they are doing every second, and they know everything about the citizens. Both 1984 and Divergent express the same theme of rebellious citizens and complete government control as a whole.
In the book that was read in class, 1984, the government had complete control over the country. They could watch someone doing their daily jobs, and even talk to them if they committed “thought crime”. The fact that the government had complete control of their citizens made people either love their leaders, which was Big Brother in this case, or they hated Big Brother. If they hated Big Brother, they would either be killed or re-transformed into loving their leader. In this book, it expresses how the dystopian society has evolved over time, and why the government is the way it is. The government making people believe that they were watching them at all times mostly made everybody love Big Brother because that it is all that their mind was set to do. This can be tied into Hitler’s generation when he took complete control of different countries and wanted to get rid of all of the jews. As George Orwell explained how the dystopian society evolved from overthrowing the old ways filled with love and happiness, h...

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...ea of rebellion in this movie shows very clearly that in a society of dystopia, such as this one, the government gets into people’s minds and pushes them to hate the government. As Derek Hunter said in an article, “The government is in your life in ways you may not even realize, and it’s only getting more involved.”(Hunter).

After reading 1984 and watching Divergent, people will see how a fictitious setting can seem so real. The dystopian government in the stories shows people what the United States could someday come to. Even though they are fictitious stories and over dramatic, some countries are already turning into a society like these. If the overpowerment of the government does not stop, many more countries might end up in a dystopian society. Altogether, these two movies well represent an example of overpowering people and the rebelliousness of others.

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