Essay about Change Of Shift And Nurses

Essay about Change Of Shift And Nurses

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It is change of shift and nurses are handling off report. Both nurses wheeled their computer on wheels into the patients’ room and the ongoing nurse begins to give her report. The oncoming nurse was able to ask questions as report was going on and the patient was able to participate in the report. But wait a minute the incoming nurse said “the patient seems short of breath”. The patient has his oxygen on and the nasal cannula was in place; but when the patient was assessed by the nurse and the reason for his short of breath, the nurses discovered that the tubing has somehow been disconnected from the oxygen source. Of course the oxygen was reconnected and the patient did fine. As a student nurse watching this happen, different thoughts was going through my head; “what if the nurses were not doing the hands off at the bedside, this patient would have been in respiratory distress and possibly have a bad outcome”. The clinical situation that brought this to mind shows that bedside shift report promotes patient safety while including the patient in the plan of care and also is a way of improving patients’ centered care. Therefore, nurses must understand the importance of bedside report, the consequences if not implemented and how it enhances patients’ quality of care. Nurses must also recognize that bedside shift report is not only to give a report in the presence of the patient, but it is also to help nurses identify potential safety issues in the patients’ room or with the patient.
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End of shift report is when the outgoing nurse hands over patients care to the oncoming nurse. During the report process crucial information regarding the patient’s status and plan of care must be passed to the oncoming nurse. Bed...

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..., 2015). In its guide to patient safety, the AHRQ mentioned institutions that noted an improvement in their Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores after implementing bedside shift report. For example according to the report, Emory Healthcare system, which comprises of three hospitals, received 98% on patient satisfaction. The advantage for the nurse starts with the effectiveness of report, which streamlines all pertinent information. Being a part of the report, the patient learns about the plan of care and is assured that the nurses are working as a team to facilitate care.
Although bedside shift report is not without its barriers, nurses are the center of patient care and can deliver holistic patient - centered care, spend time more efficiently and provide a safer environment for patients (Costedio, Powers, & Stuart, 2013).

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