The Change Of Life, Marriage And The Family Essay

The Change Of Life, Marriage And The Family Essay

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“Process Philosophy represents a process view of life that emphasizes becoming and progressive knowledge leading to a perfect society, which stands in direct contrast to absolute philosophy or an absolute view of life that is the basis for Biblical Christianity” (Ferdon, 2014, p. 114). It is this writer’s opinion that in the world today you can see that with this way of thinking, by removing God from any aspect of life, marriage and the family unit become a bit dysfunctional. With that said, it remains a reality as most often, the perspective both socially and politically are in sync with this thought process.
No matter where you are from, nation, ethnic background, religious background, or social class, marriage is a part of life. It doesn’t mean you necessarily have to get married, but someone in your social realm has gotten married, it happens. Growing up, many see marriage as a part of their purpose and goals in life, even to the point of it being a part of pursuing being happy. In the 1990’s we began to see the political debate of the same sex marriage really fly. While our foundations have demonstrated that marriage is between man and woman, as time went on, many in our government and society have turned to the belief that same sex marriage is ok. This is related to moral relativism, denying that there is some sort of moral values or standards in place for the institution of marriage; denying that there is absolute truth concerning same sex marriage. Some political views believe that all people have the right to marry and be happy whether it is with the opposite sex or not. So having this point of view is moving with society in the feel good mentality with no basis for decisions, but everything is relative. What is...

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...f their parents. Because of their thinking to progress with the world around them and in the way the world was progressing in thought, it left an open door for their families to become impacted negatively by this.
While you can see the mentality of process philosophy quite evident in the thinking of the world around us, it is also quite evident to see the error in the thinking and the negative impact that this thinking is having. Martin is absolutely correct when he states, “To stand for absolute truth and for knowing and doing the truth requires incredible courage and determination” (Martin, 2006, p. 153). However, according to the Bible in John 8: 31-32 (New International Version) it says, “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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