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Change of Direction The next day came and went faster than I wanted it to. I spent the morning with the hungover girls before finding Allen again in the casino. He took me to the aquarium, then the rollercoaster, and finally, to a lovely dinner. I felt bad for not spending more time with Mairead (especially since Penny was sending me hateful messages on my phone, claiming that I had ditched her), so Allen and I split it once again to join our friends after the meal. We had an early flight out the next morning, so most of us didn’t drink much that night before. By that, I mean, everyone except for Leslie. She became so drunk that she woke up in the morning remembering nothing from the bachelorette party weekend. “Does Leslie always party this hard?” Penny asked Mairead as we heard the muffled sound of her vomiting in the bathroom. “Her boyfriend just broke up with her,” Mairead explained. “They were engaged.” “That’s terrible,” I said. Suddenly, there was an entirely new dimension to the drunken girl in the bathroom. When I heard her heaving again, I stepped away from the door. “She can’t drive,” I said. “I know,” Mairead sighed. “I’ll have to take her back in her car.” “I’ll go with you,” I volunteered. “No you won’t!” Penny said as she stamped her feet. “Why not?” I asked. “You bought plane tickets!” Penny said while sounding annoyed with me. “Don’t you remember?” “Yes, I do,” I said calmly. “But I’m not going to leave Mairead here to deal with her. Plus, I’m fine with losing the money, but I’m sure that the airline will give me some sort of credit.” “Ugh!” Penny said as he grabbed her bags and placed them next to Mairead’s in the room. “What are you huffed about?” I asked her. “Fine, I’ll cancel my ticket, too!”... ... middle of paper ... ...also Cade’s mom– Alice, stepped onto the front lawn. She smiled as she jumped up and down at our arrival. “Hi, Aunt Alice!” Mairead said as she stepped out of the car. “Hey, girls!” she said. “Did you have fun? Oh, wait, what happens there must stay there, right?” “Not if you didn’t even see a cock,” hiccupped Leslie as she stumbled on the driveway. Alice gave the messy blonde a concerned look before glancing upward at me. “Oh, I have a surprise for you, Jill,” Alice smiled. “For me?” I asked, bashfully. “Yes,” Alice said with a giddy expression. “He wanted to surprise you.” “Who did?” I asked. That was when I saw him walking through the open door. He was wearing a crisp, short-sleeved shirt and black slacks like he usually did. His face on turned his famous, handsome grin. “Hello, Jill,” said Walker. My knees buckled and I felt as though I was going to faint.

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