Change of Death Due to Change of Habits in Kenyan Villates Essay

Change of Death Due to Change of Habits in Kenyan Villates Essay

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For most of my childhood I lived in a village a short distance from Thika town in Kenya. During those years, I remember the only deaths being those associated with old age; not even accidents or murders attributed to any mortalities in our village. Fast forward to today and though I have moved away from my parents’ home, I get death reports every one or two months. What’s even more surprising is the fact that most of the victims are young and their deaths were total surprises.

A common trend

All these recent deaths have one common factor; depression. This is why almost all the victims died due to high blood pressure and other related complications. Other regions in Kenya are reporting the same situations where killer diseases such as HIV and Malaria are no longer the leading causes of mortalities.

In urban areas the problem is even worse since in addition to emotional issues, there are other problems such as unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. All these problems compounded have resulted in a society that is battling high blood pressure in people of every age and gender.


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