The Change Of Change Management Process Essay

The Change Of Change Management Process Essay

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Change is a constant in both our private lives. Our children grow up taking for granted such things as powerful personal computers that we cannot envision at their ages. The idea that human being naturally resist change is deeply embedded in our thinking about change. There are many barrier to change that empower the change process, resistance to change is one of the most known barrier. Individuals can either be resistance to change or receptive to change. One of the many reasons individuals can resist change are because of lack of communication, distrust, lack of proper change process planning, poor timing, fear of the unknown and insecurities. In order to be successful in the change management process one must be able to communicate efficiently within the organization and apply an organized approach to the change process.
Change management is the process by which an organization gets to its future state, its vision. While traditionally planning processes delineate the steps on the journey. Therefore, creating change starts with creating a vision for change and then empowering individuals to act as a change agent to attain that vision. In relation to the change game activity that was conducted in my Design and Management of Health Information System course, the game required the class to purchase a game card, which divided the class into workers and managers. The card that I received considered me as a worker. As a worker, I was assigned to sit in a designated seat. I was inform I must stay in my seat in order for my money to be returned to me. I wasn’t sure what was going on or why the other members of the class left the room. All I did know is that the group that had left the class were now our managers. As a worker we w...

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In conclusion, although time was of the essence and one worker was fired, at the end the managers were able to obtain trust from the workers to complete the task. The development of an effective change management strategy would have assist the managers in completing the task expeditiously. As Lindsey P. Jarrell, FACHE SVP & CIO of BayCare Health System in Clearwater, FL states “Utilizing a change management methodology enables the implementation and leadership teams to provide a positive experience during the period of significant change. By utilizing a solid change management methodology the organization promotes team communication, a safer environment for the patient, a work environment that promotes trust and an environment where people are allowed to talk about the fear of change. All of this promotes a better human experience and a much stronger work force.”

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