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Change in the Business Environment Essay

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Many people will approach change in a business environment with pre-conceived anxiety and worries. However, this does not always need to be the case – many employers are using new strategies and tactics to promote business change in a positive light – methods such as empowerment, Kaizen production, and bottom-up change are becoming evermore popular with large companies.

First though, I want to examine why workplace change is such a worry for so many staff. The underlying reason for worries about change is the reluctance to give-up the established organisational culture of a particular department or business – in a sense “the way we do things around here”. This organisation culture may have been established for years, and developed as time, processes and resources have moved it along – although it may sound silly, an organisation culture can be very personal for some members of staff who may have helped develop it, or had to work with-it for a number of years. In most cases (where possible), staff will change the processes they use subtly, perhaps without even realising it themselves, to make the most of the resources they have; for example they may group tasks together to make things more efficient, or take a shorter route using local knowledge to get deliveries made sooner. This can lead to a sense of ownership of the processes in a company – making it difficult for staff to expect imposed and/or radical change.

A traditional view of change is imposed change, typically a senior manager or director deciding on new methods and processes for the department or company. The imposing of these changes are the ones which will almost always result in anxiety or worry for a number of reasons. Firstly as mentioned above the over-ridin...

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...and reviewing improvements achieved from previous meetings. Kaizen is popular in large businesses, and has lead to the creation of Kaizen consultants who help company’s set-up a continuous improvement structure.

In conclusion, theoretically a business can ensure that changes are not bet with anxiety and negativity, however – there are a number of factors affecting this: All of the strategies mentioned above are only effective when carried out properly and fully, a consultation without discussion is no use to anyone. Secondly, all this depends on the basis of the changes themselves; if the change introduced is too drastic, or too excessive, then there will always be anxiety or negativity, and there is little that can be done about it. So, in answer to the original question, I think that it is entirely dependant on what the change is, and how it has been introduced.

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