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Change in DiapersTrade in the Far East Essay

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After Europeans arrived in East Asia via the Indian Ocean, trade in the Far East changed dramatically moving towards a globalized economy. Between 1450 (39 years before the arrival of Vasco Da Gama) until 1750, the levels of trade in Asia reached a new peak; initial changes came in the form of the addition of new goods; and the eventual addition of colonization into the Indian Ocean Trade Network ultimately turned traditional “trade” into imperial relations. However, the importance of raw materials and the main Asian groups involved in the Indian Ocean trade network largely remained constant after European exposure until the start of British Imperial rule of India. Throughout these three centuries, economic superpowers rose and fell, leadership changed, and cultural exchange was highly prevalent, but the general philosophies, and religions of the societies involved in trade remained intact, resulting in far more positive interaction than in the New World.
Before the Portuguese discovered of a passage to India by navigating around Africa in 1489, there was little trade in East Asia, the majority of it being between China and India, but some European explorers did participate in trade to some extent, spreading spices through much of the known world. In 1450, trade was done exclusively on land and was mainly between East and South Asian states was mainly an exchange of materials such as silk, silver, and jade, with China importing few goods because of xenophobic tendencies. The nearly ancient Silk Road that brought Chinese goods to Europe was also still intact after its revival by explorers such as Marco Polo. Additionally, China rarely exported gunpowder and several other inventions until later, and although India was a large p...

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...alistic relations. Consequently, once this transition became noticeable to the Asian countries relations bad relations amongst European nations and Asian Empires developed. Thereafter, tension built up, and the time after 1750 was filled with the forging of alliances with leaders and the fighting battles and wars such as the Battle of Plassey and the Seven Years’ War. Through this transition, the only aspects of the system that truly remained constant were the exchange of raw materials for finished products and the states in the trade system. Overall, between the start of the 17th century and 1750, the Indian Ocean trade network evolved from a nearly mercantile exchange of goods into a generally profiteering European movement of goods between the sections of Asia that would soon become parts of their empires.

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