The Change in All Things Conservative Essay

The Change in All Things Conservative Essay

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The “Roaring Twenties” was the beginning of change for America, from the economy to the society and culture. A few months after World War 1, the 18th Amendment took effect in the United States, which began the prohibition and a spark for change in the lives of the people. The simplistic way of living was no longer used in the urban cities; life had changed from its conservative moral values to a more carefree “live as you please” type of mentality. Due to this change in mental state, the priorities of the people changed and seemed to center on illegal alcohol, liberalism, and money. This made it possible for the arrival of a new culture.
The transition into a new culture began with the introduction of a new law. The 18th Amendment made it illegal to make, buy, and sell alcoholic beverages. This law was not favorable among the people, especially because the people wanted their freedom to live life to its fullest. The main reason the prohibition brought so many changes was simply because Americans didn’t want to make any more sacrifices after the war (Klor 436). Since Americans didn’t want to make the sacrifice they came up with their own way of getting what they wanted. This mentality changed the moral values of society. The people were no longer focused on doing what was right but doing what was going to benefit them and allow them to self-gain.
Another aspect of the prohibition that brought change was the illegal smuggling of alcohol into the United States. This is how bootleggers and speakeasies came to be. A bootlegger was a smuggler of alcohol who hid the alcohol in their boot legs. While speakeasies were places where people could go find a drink; they were normally underground or just hidden saloons. These things allow...

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...anted all along.

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