Change Implementation Plan For Organizational Leaders Essay

Change Implementation Plan For Organizational Leaders Essay

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Change Implementation Plan
Often times when one hears the word “change” in any aspect of life, they are often, put off, and intimidated by the word itself and the intended implication. This is a normal and understandable reaction for anyone engaging in any type of change. In terms of organizational change, this type of behavior often seen as, but is not limited to pushback, resistance, lack in productivity, turnover, drop in overall customer service, etc by team members. Thus, as organizational leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that any change management implemented is smooth and has lasting benefits; by considering the impact on the organization as a whole and most importantly, the impact it will have on the team members within the organization. In addition, it is also critical to the success of the change for organizational leaders to ensure team member engagement on certain levels of the decision-making process. As stated by Pihlak and Alas (2012), “researchers see employee involvement in decision-making as a critical factor in mitigating resistance and successful change, and as the best method for achieving employee commitment to change” (para. 6, p. 49). For example, two years ago, our division found itself in the midst of an organizational change. The need for change “strongly” suggested by the state, that our county/division participate in a Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) model. The purpose behind this new way of doing business was due to untimely processing times and high error rates.
The methodology behind the BPR model is to engage and identify steps and/or stages for a framework for a more effective and efficient business process approach. As you would imagine, having to look at our current processes a...

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...Within the first cluster, Kotter identifies a need to increase urgency, followed by building the guiding team, and finally getting the right vision. In the second cluster, the fourth step is communicating for buy-in, than empowering action, followed by creating short-term wins. Finally, in the third and last cluster, Kotter encourages organizations not to let up, which ultimately leads to change sticking (CSU-Global, 2016).
In conclusion, as a change facilitator within the change management process, it is his or her role to ensure that the process for organizational change is eased towards new ways of doing business. That it is implemented smoothly and that it ultimately has long-lasting benefits. In addition, and probably the most important of being a change facilitator is acknowledging the impact any change will have on individuals throughout the organization.

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