Change Careers, Feeling, Numb, While She 's At Work Essay

Change Careers, Feeling, Numb, While She 's At Work Essay

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to change careers, feeling “numb” while she’s at work. She has been in the career (medical assistant) for 17 years; at this job for 3. Stated that her supervisor believes she is competent, leaving her in charge when away. Co-workers and patient though, notice her inability to connect or empathize with their situation; recognized that she-daily-because of her job, hurts patients. During our sessions the client concurrent problems that she is seeking treatment and services were previous history depression, diabetic, and anxiety disorder with limited effectiveness of medications (Insulin, Paxil, and Lexapro), feels similarly to previous depressive episode, and few/no friends because she has been unable to socialize when not a work.
Client (Genesis) approaches me to discuss her current symptoms and past illness, family history, and stressors that she is experiencing in her current life for examples: husband is a pilot who is away regularly. He is underemployed; they rely on her salary to make ends meet. Client doesn’t like to make changes and this is her second marriage. First marriage ended after 7 years; she felt similarly at the 4 year mark. This is year 4 of the current relationship. Client persisted problem(s) has been going on for couple months due to her husband leaving home on regularly basis; financial stress (husband unemployed) only one income in the household her anxiety level is high. There is no third party involved (refer to psychosocial assessment, mental status exam and family genogram).
I. Diagnosis:
During the sessions I made notes as well videotaping regarding the symptoms and past illness of the client. After, few individual counseling sessions and evaluating client appearance and behavior patterns; I c...

... middle of paper ... the client not to feel anxiety when her husband leaves to work for a long period. One of the goal is to have the client is when husband leaves; try to get a family member to ride, co-worker to ride with, or her four year old daughter. This will ease the anxiety and separation level to be lower until him return
Plan for the next session:
I will follow up with the client in subsequent sessions by having the client complete a Self-Directed Search package to seek about career change or other options. The main issues and concerns are worthwhile to explore are: explore steps previously taken toward increased activity & happiness and teach anxiety & depression management tools and strategies. The process goals the client and I will accomplish are to bring a normal level of anxiety for the client and to have more pleasure activities with herself, family, and friends.

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