Chance, Evolution or Intelligent Design Essay example

Chance, Evolution or Intelligent Design Essay example

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Most people state that life was created by intelligent design, pure chance, or even evolution. Although some would argue that evolution is basically chance in a different form, the opposite is true. Even though it would take quite a bit of chance for evolution to work out perfectly how Darwin said it did, it is still one organism developing into another over a long period of time. Compared to evolution, intelligent design is the concept that life and the universe did not come to be by chance, but created by some intelligent entity.
There is obviously many options to believe how the universe came to be, each holding their own set of advantages. When people think of ‘intelligent design,’ they automatically see it as a “religious” view, and shun it due to science proving everything we know of. Parts of intelligent design should be left alone. For instance, if a watchmaker came upon a watch in the middle of the desert, he or she would instantly know if the watch was just a random coincidence or a man-made product, just how scientist should be able to recognize if a natural phenomenon, li...

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