Challenges within the 56th HBCT Essay

Challenges within the 56th HBCT Essay

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The purpose of this memorandum is to discuss leadership and development issues and

challenges within the 56th HBCT. I have identified 8 issues and challenges that currently plague

the unit and are having an adverse effect on it and our soldiers. Additionally, discussion will

focus on the top three of these issues as well as the importance of resolving the most important

one of them with the greatest of speed.

While the unit was successful in accomplishing all of their missions in Iraq, the CALL’s

extensive study identified several issues that I believe will have an impact on our future

effectiveness. The command and control at battalion and below levels was, at times, greatly

affected by incompatible communicate systems. This often resulted in operational and personal

frictions between battalion and brigade staffs. With the brigade working on both unit and

division field and command post exercises in the near future, the friction between units will

continue to increase until our communication issued is resolved.

Another issue identified from the CALL was that the personnel authorizations on battalion

staffs were not sufficient for us to sustain 24 hour operations. Moving soldiers around to fill in

for missions often resulted in untrained personnel conducting the missions but also left tactical

operations centers under manned. This also created more friction between the battalion and

brigade staffs. Additionally, as the division moves forward into their training cycle we will not

be able to conduct 24 hour operations during the division CPX. This will not only frustrate our

soldiers but will affect the operations of the division as well.

... middle of paper ...

...e battalion. If the unit is able to get in a new LTC for the brigade S-3

position, with previous battalion S-3 experience, it may assist in establishing a connection and

understanding between him and the battalions S-3’s.

If we are able to remove these individuals from their leadership positions, we will be able to

defrost the status quo. By bringing in replacements that are well proven and knowledgeable, we

will be able to take action to bring about the change that is necessary to restore this unit to its

formal glory. If the recommended changes are made, soldiers will see that the unit is truly trying

to do what is right for not only the unit but for also them and their families. If the soldiers see

that we are supporting them we will be able to anchor these changes into the unit’s culture with

their support.

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