Challenges With Aging Nursing Workforce Essay

Challenges With Aging Nursing Workforce Essay

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Health Care Facilities are facing tremendous challenges with aging nursing workforce, new grad turnover because of job satisfaction, and new graduate nurse who are not prepared to take on patient with high acuity (Guthrie, Tyrna, & Giannuzzi, 2013). In the past when nursing students graduate from school, the hospital would partnered a will seasoned nurses with a newly nurse, and they stayed together for a couple of months, each learning from each other (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). At the present time, in California new graduate residency program are only 2 to 4 months long (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). Today’s graduates can obtain their license can work immediately in a clinic setting beyond their abilities (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). Newly hired nurses feel that they are ill prepared for what is expect of them, by having to deal with difficult patient, co-worker, and even physicians (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). One new nurse commented, “You’ve got to keep on going. There is no time to stand still, and use your brain (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). In this brief the author will lobby a bill on how to transition a nursing graduate form school to a competent professional nurse, by providing a purpose, plan and implementation, providing the name the specific audience who will be hearing and voting on the bill.
Purpose of New Graduate Residency Program
According to The Advisory Board Company (2015), the article discussed nine goal of a textbook New Graduate Residency Program (NGRP) is to bridge the gap between of residency skill and set skill (The Advisory Board Company, 2015). The NGRP will also improve skills of a new graduate nurse along his or her first year as he or she transition from a nursing graduate to a professional nurse (Dyess, & S...

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...throughout the United States have come up with a plan to develop an Evidence Base Practice Model to help new nursing graduates transition form Novice to competence nurses (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). When the New Bill of NGRNs residency program passed and become a law, new graduate nurses will be able transition from graduate to a competent nurse (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). With the help of nursing educator, heir preceptors, and continue education provided by their health care facilities new nurse graduate will be able to stay in the profession, it will decrease turn overs, reduce burnout, and patient outcome will improve (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009). Finally, studies have shown that when the new graduate nurse participates in a new graduate residency program, the student nurse can have a smoother transition from student nurse to professional nurse (Dyess, & Sherman, 2009).

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