The Challenges That I Faced Essay

The Challenges That I Faced Essay

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The challenges that I faced in my life
Have you ever had a hard time learning another language? I have been an immigrant 's for eleven years. I was born to be an immigrants, since I was in third grade my family and I left our country because there was war going on, so that was our decision to leave and save our lives. We left our beautiful house, my school, my family, my friends, and my neighbours. I was crying because I did not want to leave Iraq, but there was not any other choice to make other than moving to another country. Learning the traditional of a country plus learning their language is extremely hard, also acopmplistion your gaol by learning all of this is a great thing that you would do in your life.
We went to Syria in the bus it was a long way to get there my family and I were so tired, I was throwing up because I can not be in a bus or a car for a long time, so being in the bus kept me throwing up my mom had bags that she gave me that way I can throw up in and I got sick because the weather got changes. In my country is always hot and in winter it was not that cold but Syria was extremely cold and snowy. I had my cousin’s who lived in Syria some of them we born there which is great because we did not know anybody there. My cousin’s helped us to live in their house until we found a house, the problem is we did not find a house near to my cousin’s, we used to visit them, but me and my brother could not be with my cousins at the same school. Me and my brother start going to school, it was a pretty school, I start there as a fourth grade and my brother started as a first grade.
Now even when Syria was right next to my country, I had to start learning their language because when I used to speak my language with them ...

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...trying to learn and have an excellent future have a job and choose a career that I like to work with. Basicly it is not easy to keep moving around different countries with different language. My story and Always Running story are matching a lot, there is a lot of similar thing that happened to us. We were always trying to find a job and to get money to live, that is the main reason we are here to make a career and to live better than what my parents had, they were trying their best to make some money to make us happy and to get educated. I think my parents so much because they brought me here to have a better future, I was really upset when we moved, but now I think them a lot, and that is the main reason that I will not choose a far colege that way I can be close with my family and help them out if they need my help, I would be more than happy to help my parents out.

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