Challenges That An Educator Faces Whith Children Essay

Challenges That An Educator Faces Whith Children Essay

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The first five years of a child’s life is the most neurologically important. (Derman-Sparks, 2012, pg. 46) It is important as educators to understand these children and their families to effectively shape the future minds they teach. There are many challenges and misunderstandings that apply to all schools and all grade levels. In a multicultural environment these may raise based on racial identity, economic class, culture, sexual orientation, and a person’s abilities/disabilities. Challenges will arise based on pre-prejudice instilled in the kids and the institutions they attend. Making sure I overcome these challenges will be a special challenge within itself.
By engaging the family and child I can help reverse the negative effects of a child or family feeling bad about themselves. I can give the family absolute respect and try to understand their way of life as best I can. I can personally make sure I include an array of teaching tools in my classroom so no child’s unique culture is left out. I can send out a welcome letter and address it as “Dear Family” instead of “Dear Parent...

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