Challenges, Success, and the Future of Conservation at the SCB 2009 Annual Meeting in Beijing

Challenges, Success, and the Future of Conservation at the SCB 2009 Annual Meeting in Beijing

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The Society for Conservation Biology, the global society of conservation professionals, held its first annual meeting on the Asian continent this summer. Conservation: Harmony for Nature and Society was hosted by the Institute of Botany at the
Chinese Academy of Sciences and brought together over 1,200 conservation scientists and practioners from 74 different countries.

Presentations spanned a wide range of topics and geographic regions, but particularly focused on Asia and its unique conservation challenges. Many attendees were encouraged by the presence of so many young conservationists from China, eager to protect their region’s distinctive biological diversity with policy stemming from the best scientific practices. Another recurring topic was climate change, with presentations that dealt with global implications and specific concerns for China, which is both the largest developing country in the world and the sixth most biologically diverse region on the planet.

Renowned scientists Dr. George Schaller and Dr. Joel Berger were on hand to receive SCB awards. Schaller, who was recently the subject of the film “Nature's Greatest Defender,” shown on the National Geographic channel, was recipient of a Distinguished Service Award, selected “for extraordinary contributions to the conservation of many of the world's most iconic and endangered species through leadership in field research and applied conservation.” Berger was awarded the prestigious Edward T. LaRoe Award for “extraordinary leadership toward conservation of migration corridors and predator-prey dynamics with efforts in Africa, Asia, Alaska, and North America with strong science shaping policy.” Additionally, each day of the conference began with a plenary ad...

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...cience to Policy in Africa,” concerning conservationists who are working to reverse environmental and biodiversity loss while struggling with limited capacity to handle all pressing issues in the region.

The 2010 meeting will once again return to North America. The University of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, will host Conservation for a Changing Planet, a global discussion on the large-scale environmental changes that are affecting the earth’s ecology. The theme has particular relevance to the host location, as nowhere will climate change be more dramatic than on the ecosystems of the north. The timing of the conference is vital because, as explained by the local organizing committee behind the conference, “developing conservation strategies to cope with our changing planet is arguably the greatest challenge facing today’s world and its biodiversity.”

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