The Challenges Of The Elderly Essay

The Challenges Of The Elderly Essay

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Elder Issues
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an elderly? Senior people cope with a lot of different conditions. Some of the conditions are Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease, neglect and abuse, and congested heart failure. When elderly are challenged with a lot of health issues, they find their everyday living to be difficult. In those times, it is very important to have assistance and support. Being depressed is the number one burden elderly face. While it can be very detrimental, getting up in age require work. Connecting and having companion for yourself as a senior and others is required. While it may seem like a lot, it is very important for ones well beings emotionally and physically.
While dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease, lifestyles change. It’s challenging to do your everyday task. Things that are so easy for someone without Alzheimer’s and Dementia are very difficult for the elderly who suffer with it. Eating maybe an easy and self-explanatory task, it’s very challenging when you have Alzheimer’s or Dementia disease. Using the restroom seems easy for males however, that’s when it’s the hardest time. Alzheimer’s and Dementia patience have Arteritis and it causes them to not be able to handle things with their fingers. Elderly people have been feeding themselves for years. With Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease, it makes it even challenging to perform such easy task as feeding yourself. Forgetfulness or confusion is the number one symptom for Alzheimer’s patients. Being that those are symptoms and are serious symptoms, they tend to do the most damage. The major problem is remembering things that happened in present times-yesterday or last week. When conversing with someone with...

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...e to their everyday living. Their diet should be little sodium or no sodium at all, light fluids, and the most important follow up with their PCP and make sure all prescriptions are being taken as instructed. There have been some cases PCP instruct defibrillator or pacemaker to be implanted if their breathing isn’t under control.
In conclusion, elderly face numerous amounts of hardships in their lives. Having Alzheimer’s disease is a challenging situation that elderly face. Elder abuse can result in harm and or loss of a loved one. Domestic violence and neglect is considered elderly abuse. Families, caregivers, and physicians have a big responsibility when it comes to elderly issues. Some elderly suffer from self-neglect as well. While it is possible to understand the antecedents to abuse and neglect, this does not make them either excusable or acceptable.

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