Essay about Challenges Of Sustainable Urban Development Developing Economies

Essay about Challenges Of Sustainable Urban Development Developing Economies

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California might be the greenest, it is pushing new housing to less temperate climates such as Houston and Dallas, thus dramatically increasing carbon footprint (p. 212).
The fifth section compares and contrasts the two opposing visions of environmentalism: Livingstone 's “big-city modernism” and Prince Charles 's “agrarian utopianism” (p. 215). After evaluating the contrasting visions, Glaeser supports the urban dense living. The sixth section highlights the challenge of sustainable urban development in developing economies. He compares the carbon emissions per household between China, India and America. The growing car usage including the “Tata’s $2500 car” suggests rise in future traffic jams and carbon emissions (p. 220). The final section suggests that America first needs to adopt effective models and then advise countries like China and India to adopt energy-efficient models (p. 220). He suggests adopting congestion charge policy like in Europe (p. 221). By charging people for the carbon they emit, people will emit less carbon. He concludes the chapter restating the benefits of living in dense cities.

The concluding chapter “Flat World, Tall City” restates the thesis of the book that cities enable collaboration as ideas flows easily between people in dense agglomeration. Cities need a playing field, as competition drives local governments, competitors, businesses, schools to provide better quality services or products (p. 250). According to Glaeser, education is the most reliable predictor of urban growth; this was most convincing. Hence, number of quality school systems should be improved to promote urban growth.
Rather than poor places, poor people should be helped; this was least convincing. Glaeser co...

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... the global economy misses that urbanization goes well beyond the usual suspects of New York, London and Shanghai. He effectively describes and explains the key concepts such as globalization, urbanization, Anthropocene, global urban ecosystem and global city, providing a clear theoretical framework to analyze the various cities included in the book. Unlike Glaeser who mostly focuss on American and European cities, Spencer describes the various economic, political, demographic aspects of Honolulu, New York, Saigon and Addis Ababa. In fact, he devotes a complete chapter to describe each city. Therefore, the analysis of the four cities is comprehensive. He mainly differentiated these cities as Old Timers, For-all-timer and Do-Your-Time, which I found adroitly skillful and persuasive.

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