Challenges of Redesigning Our Engish 110 Class Essay

Challenges of Redesigning Our Engish 110 Class Essay

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Sometimes in life we are faced with peculiar challenges that require unique solutions. This is exactly the type of situation my group found ourselves in when we were asked to redesign an English 110 class. We were only given five-hundred dollars to spend on this task. In addition to this the room we had to redesign only had four tables in it. In order to fit all twenty-four students in the classroom six students would have to share a table. Two students could sit on each side of the table and one on each end. This was not ideal because, in the best case scenario, there would always be four students that cannot see the board. If this was not enough, the room we were given was completely void of computers. My group quickly realized that in order for this class to be successful we were going to need to approach things in a unique way. In our solution we implemented design thinking, decided what tools to equip our classroom with, and planed how a typical day in this class would work.
Design thinking is a form of teaching that strips the class room down to its basics and then forces students to solve problems in a unique way (Krantz). Typically, this means replacing rows of computers with things like crayons and cardstock. At first glance this bare-bones approach to teaching seems like it would hinder students’ ability to accomplish their goals. To a certain extent it does. In a design thinking environment students cannot simply google facts or type an outline. Instead they are forced to collaborate and problem solve. In this type of setting students learn problem solving skills in addition to whatever they may be studying (Krantz). We incorporated this into our classroom by placing students in groups and providing them with equi...

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...e and advanced tools, and used a combination of lectures and group work. This flexible method of teaching would not only teach students skills necessary for their next English class, but would also strengthen their problem solving skills and ability to work as part of a team. Our heavy reliance on group work would teach students that collaborative effort can be more beneficial that working alone (Xia). By the end of this class students would have learned that there is more than one way to solve a problem. This skill is a valuable one in the work force where success is not determined by grades, but by ability to solve problems and accomplish tasks (Xia).

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