The Challenges Of Mixing Generations Essay

The Challenges Of Mixing Generations Essay

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Challenges of Mixing Generations
As many can imagine, having four distinctive generations in one workplace will cause some of the previous “one size fits all” procedures to get blown out the water. “While it may be a challenge for managers to have four separate generations in the workplace, it is important that new techniques are developed so the different generations can successfully work together,” (Bosco & Harvey, 2013, pp. 17). In order for a company to recruit and retain top talents they will need to cater some of their practices to the different work styles of these generations. Through the various studies of the differences amongst the four generations, employers are beginning to realize that the perception of a Baby Boomer and a Generation Y employee will not be the same. Some of the places where employers are looking at doing away with a “one size fits all” technique and tailoring to the needs of each generation include recruitment, employee communications, as well as the physical layouts of the offices.
Human Resource departments today are challenged with focusing their recruiting “efforts in creating multiple plans to garner interest in open positions” (Bosco and Harvey, 2013, pp. 17). Where companies in the past were able to rely on a single form of advertising to reach their target employees, now “in order for a recruiter to find the best candidate he/she must be willing to create an in-depth recruitment plan that meets the expectations of each of the four generations in the work force” (Bosco & Harvey, 2013, pp. 18). Furthermore, recruiters must also ensure that in their recruitment process “that they are vetting these potential employees without discrimination” (Bosco & Harvey, 2013, pp. 17).
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... if no one shows new hires the ropes or helps to assimilate them into the corporate culture” (Frankel & Picascia, 2008, pp. 6). Various companies have implemented formal mentoring programs or other connection programs for their employees in different generations. One example is the partnership of the Legacy Leaders Network (for Baby Boomers) and the New Hire Network at Cisco that allows networking amongst the two groups (Hewlett, Sherbin & Sumberg, 2009, pp.76). Another example of a state-of-the-art program offered at Booz Allen is the social networking site called (Hewlett, Sherbin & Sumberg, 2009, pp.76). “Gen Ys are encouraging Boomers to join the site and teaching them how to utilize it effectively. Boomers are welcoming the chance to share know-how and business contacts with much younger colleagues” (Hewlett, Sherbin & Sumberg, 2009, pp.76).

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