Challenges of Having Premature Babies Essay

Challenges of Having Premature Babies Essay

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A baby’s arrival can be very joyful for a first time mother in a way that it brings particular challenges and experiences that could change a life forever. When a baby is born premature it can discomfort the family knowing that they’re child is at risk and even exposed to death. Some of the premature babies come for the first time in the world with a defect that causes agony in the family and especially in the mother. Premature babies are a very important issue in today’s society because it involves the health of a new born. The birth of premature babies can be prevented with the help of families and the community. Therefore people have to take action in raising money for preemies to take advantage of new technology since they have a less chance to survive compared to 9-month baby.
Statistics show the impact that preemies are causing as the rate of preterm birth increases every day. Any part of the world is affected no matter how advanced they are in technology. “One of every eight infants born in the United States is premature babies” (Medline Plus). These statistics are extremely high, however people can change it by getting involved in the community and helping preemies have a less chance to lose in their battle for life. In 2003; 499,008 infants were born prematurely (National Center for Health Statistics). The rates of preterm births have increased over the years. "In 1995: 11.0% of live births were born preterm, In 2006: 12.8% of live births were born preterm"(March of Dimes-Peristats). As the numbers keep increasing, many families are suffering and losing hope for they’re babies. African American women have the highest rate of preterm birth in 2004 with a 17.6% (Reedy, 2007). These statistics demonstrate the high frequenc...

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...0 Nov. 2013.
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