Challenges of Developing a Sustainable Future Essay

Challenges of Developing a Sustainable Future Essay

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“Sustainable Development: At its heart, sustainable development is the simple idea of ensuring a good quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. It is about living within the carrying capacity of the environment so that how we live, work and enjoy leisure activities, which do not harm or put undue pressures on the environment. It is about ensuring everyone has the opportunity to have a decent education, a quality environment that they take pride in, good health and a decent job (n.p, 2014)”
Our lifestyles and eating habits have had an adverse effect on the environment. The troubles societies face today are brought on by our own personal choices in the way we live. The ability to create an action plan that would provide enough “sustainability food for the Future” give off a very powerful message; that we must change the way we perceive the world around us. To start viewing the earth as an “island” that the natural resources the earth provides are slowly deteriorating right before our eyes. The population growth has exceeded the earth capacity to sustain the growing demand for food. There have been warnings that seemed like “whispers” but now the earth, our island is speaking “loudly” and now is showing the damage of what our carelessness behavior has caused.
The Political of Sustainable Consumption and production (PSC) have become more involved in the growing issues surrounding food consumption and production; “because of its impact on the environment, individual and public health, social cohesion, and the economy (Reisch L., 2014)
Some of the serious environmental tribulations related to food production and consumption consist of “climate change, water pollution, water scarcity, soil degradation, eutrophic...

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...s that seemed like “whispers” but now the earth, our island is speaking “loudly” and now is showing the damage of what our carelessness behavior has caused.

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