The Challenges Of Being An Entrepreneur Dawned On Me Essay

The Challenges Of Being An Entrepreneur Dawned On Me Essay

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Q1. In fact, this is not my first time venturing into a start up. Back in my early days, I partnered with a friend, Cyril Ibe to start a news magazine in Chicago. The editorial skew was to cover the Nigerian community in Chicago. It would later blossom to all parts of the U.S. The publication, called African Newbreed, was like the proverbial mustard seed that grew beyond our imagination; and by the time it was rested, people were yearning for more. So, starting Agile single-handedly was a familiar terrain for me. My professional experience, pedigree and a network of people and clients who believe in me have helped a great deal in moving the agency on to the high street.

Agile was a delayed project that would later grow out of circumstance. The challenges of being an entrepreneur dawned on me so quickly and I had to adjust my status from being a technocrat to an owner manager.

See, I was hired from Chicago by STB & Associates (now STB McCann) in the late 1990s. Sir Steve Omojafor took a chance on me that later played out well for both sides. When we took over fully following his well deserved retirement, we were charged with the collective responsibility of not letting ourselves and the promoters down. All eyes, both within and outside were on us. There were agitations. Several questions were asked. Who are these outsiders? Why is Sir Omojafor leaving? Can these new crop of managers be trusted. Of course, these were legitmate concerns. The fear of succession planning has made many owner managers remain in office. But not for our boss. He trained us over the years and knew all of us: our strength and weaknesses. He knew where he was going with the new arrangement; believing that he would leave one day, so why postpone the inevit...

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...g and willing to travel the same road with you. I have gotten this support from my family and this has encouraged me in the course of my business.

Call it love at first sight. You will be right. At the initial stage of this journey people ask me why marry a celebrity. And my response is that Funmi is a celebrity in her own right, and well deserved. But guess what, she is my wife who happens to be a celebrity.

Aside, Funmi is a creative genius who has made an indelible mark in the Nigerian fashion industry. She is presently the president of FADAN, the recognized body of fashion designers in Nigeria. Since she became the president two years ago, she has turned around the industry, following the footsteps of greater names in the industry. But not only that, she is also creating her own path in a concerted effort to reposition the industry to the benefit of all.

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