Essay Challenges for Kejriwal

Essay Challenges for Kejriwal

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Throwing a glance over the challenges Kejriwal team would face

After taking over the reins of the Delhi government, counter are the challenges that kejariwal is to face are aplenty. Nevertheless, all eyes are cast with new hope and curiosity on a Chef Minister, who moves in his own vehicle without red light and rides the Metro train. Beginning of the new political culture seems to be surfacing from the government of the Aam Aadami Party.
Today, the Indian History has been a witness to a unique political experiment. A mere one year old political party, arising from scratch from the social and political movement against rampant corruption forming the government in Delhi, and from the different Metro stations to the teeming masses present in Ramlila ground- everything is pointing towards this fact that the interests of Aam Aadami has just increased in politics and system. People expect now for improvement in governance, women’s security, permanent job, roads, electricity, water and public utility services. Based on the internal democratic system in its decisions and receiving the stamp of the plebiscite for forming the government, the enthusiasm of people has soared high. Having the desire of moving around without a red beacon light and riding Metro to take his oath, the new Chief Minister of Delhi has arrived rousing people’s hope and aspirations to new peaks. People have begun feeling that this political dispensation shall abolish the feudalistic approach of the old political parties.

The representatives and leaders of this young government are raising question marks on the intentions of BJP and Congress. While the victory of the Aam Aadami party is quite unbelievable in this day; it is historical for the politics of Delhi and...

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...e AAP are refraining from giving stress upon the ideologies of the party in the run of the elections and calling it a socialist party but they seem to be in a quandary over the movement against the role of state. There is the necessity of being more outspoken and clearly loud on national and international issues. Despite everything, the literate Delhi people want to see AAP coming true to their expectations in term of the election promises. The profit and loss statements are being calculated from the policies of the new government. At stales is a 50 % reduction in electricity charges, 700 litres free water supply, the Gandhian pattern of decentralised Mohalla Sabhas and Swaraj for progress. Let us wait and see whether the possibilities of AAP succeed or the suspicion of the opposition. The time for Keriwal begins now. Good wishes!

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