Challenges Facing The Wireless Industry Essay

Challenges Facing The Wireless Industry Essay

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Research suggests that managers and employees in the wireless industry have faced tough challenges in their daily work. Managers have had the difficult job of crafting appropriate business strategies and human resource practices in the face of technological uncertainty, volatile demand, and heightened price competition in markets plagued by overcapacity (Batts, Colvin, Katz & Keefe (2005). This paper will examine the challenges facing the wireless industry the near future and recommend ways in which my new organization, Twenty1Wirless, can meet those challenges. First we will discuss the challenges we are facing as an organization. Next, we will explore the opportunities Twenty1 Wireless has to overcome these challenges. Finally, we will discuss the overall recommendations for the organization and the initial steps needed in order to position itself for what lies ahead.
Twenty1 Wireless is a brand new company as of December 2016. The organization is a business partner of T-Mobile, Inc. and operates as a fully branded T-Mobile Retail location. Twenty1 Wireless not only faces the challenges of performing all Human Resource roles in-house, but the organization faces the same challenges as the wireless industry as a whole. The first challenge facing the organization is flexible human resource practices. Batts, Colvin, Katz and Keefe (2005) tell us that variable pay has grown by 61% in the last five years and now accounts for eleven percent of annual pay. Contingent workers, employee participation, and downsizing have been widely adopted by the newer entrants in the wireless industry. Many carriers, in contrast, rely on more traditional human resource practices that are associated with long tenure employees: promotions, ...

... middle of paper ... that are consistent with the company’s cultures and goals and also plays an important role on the commitment, engagement and loyalty of company employees. Employees who have clear expectations, can align their values and vision with the company’s, understand what is expected of them and what they earn in return will have higher satisfaction and longevity within an organization.
In closing it is important to note that making HR a strategic partner, having the ability to attain a competitive advantage through HR, creating an effective performance management policy and having the ability to effectively measure HR’s impact will be a key driver to success in any organization. By taking the time to implement these ideas into the newly formed organization of Twenty1 Wireless, we can overcome some of the challenges we see facing the wireless industry today.

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