Challenges Facing Organizations With Human Resources Management Departments

Challenges Facing Organizations With Human Resources Management Departments

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1. Identify and discuss six competitive challenges facing organizations as it relates to human resources management departments? Explain each of your responses

• Going Global- Once going global, there are considerations especially when involving different languages and their barriers as well as any type of legal issues that end up occurring before going global. There are different situations that are needed to be changed based on cultural issues as well as policies. Promotions in different countries get handles much differently than the United States. New Technology- Every Human resources needs to analyze as well as adapt to any type of new technology. Human Resources are needed to be able to be trained and as well be able to support different questions as well as problems that can potentially be affecting the business. Training is very important especially to prepare employees especially security that will end up helping the business by making sure that everything stays under control as well as everything being done legally. As new Technology is being presented, every new as well as new hires need to understand different areas including company policy books being updates as well as different reports that will be provide for everyone’s knowledge.

• Being able to manage changes- When it comes to change in any type of department there ends up being change within the whole organization. In any organization the way it ends up getting managed is also the way people will end up handing it as well. It’s very important the survival of an organization as being able to make and manage changes.

• Managing Talents as well as Human Capital- When it comes to the Human Capital it is very important because it’s one of many components th...

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...rategy formulation as well as overall forecasting. An example that I can provide would have to be when there is a steady working schedule and all of a sudden there is layoffs that are about to happen during the slowest months of work. Human resources in this matter would need to come to a conclusion and find out a number of people that will be potentially laid off. Afterwards a strategy would need to be created to focus on being able to bring back the potential employees that are getting laid off or at least have them come into work as part-time providing them with min hours a week to keep them working. The overall implementation of this particular plan is to figure out different ways to continue to have these potential laid off working possibly in other departments or if it doesn’t go up to plan be able to come up with some strategy to bring them back to work soon.

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