Challenges Facing Advertising Agencies Due to Fast Changing Technology Essay

Challenges Facing Advertising Agencies Due to Fast Changing Technology Essay

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This report will discuss the challenges facing advertising agencies due to the ever changing technology methods and the ability to integrate communications to solve client’s brand and business issues. Advertising is the way in which a business communicates there product to consumers in order to persuade them to make a purchase. In this essay I will provide insight into the integrated marketing concept and advertising agency perspective while arguing the positives and negative of each.
The theoretical approach to advertising seems fool proof and consistent but there is a lack of deep understanding of the consumers’ needs wants and behaviour. The theoretical approach consists of the organisation communicating a message then transposing a message towards the intended receiver. The signal is what type of media is the message conveyed through and decoding what the message is about. The receiver then understands the message and provides feedback to the source. In some cases the message can be distorted which results in the inability of the receiver to understand the message being delivered.
The practical approach consists of the marketing objectives and strategies on how to achieve the goals of the organisation. This then flows into the researching consumer insights leading to developing a plan then activating it. The business results should be directly related to the marketing objectives and whether the strategies were effective in solving the client brands or business issue. I believe the practical approach is more effective as it relates back to the marketing objective and then creates strategies and plans to achieve business results. This approach is more directed to finding out the characteristics of the potential consumers the...

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...nd open to discussion for all consumers. In the past feedback wasn’t encouraged as much as the lines of communication were distorted and confusing. There isn’t really a cost factor using this method but monitoring it can be a hassle as some users may use the chance to abuse the brand where there is a lack of accountability.
In conclusion, i believe there are many issues facing advertising agencies especially with the emergence of new technology and the ability to integrate communications. Organisations must work interdependently with advertising agencies where they will both benefit but each must take the according steps in order to improve the overall experience for solving business and client’s issues.

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