Essay on Challenges Facing Adult College Students

Essay on Challenges Facing Adult College Students

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As an adult student, it is not easy to manage the demands of work; spouse and children; and the need to set aside time to read, research, write, and complete specified assignments. The biggest complaint conveyed by adult students is that they simply don’t have enough time. The fact is time management is crucial so you don’t lose sight of your goals. Students’ time is a limited resource. Like other limited resources, time can be more or less effectively managed (Britton, 1991, p.405). It is hard to address my perspective of my own procrastination and my ability to learn. Now that I’m older and looking at the facts of where I am now in life, I should be a lot further in my college goals. Many young adults wish someone sat them down early in life and guided them in a wiser direction. A college degree is essential in the career world.
Successful students learn to manage their time; this can be difficult and requires a student to carefully evaluate and prioritize the challenging factors. First, it is imperative to prioritize your day for an easier daily routine. By knowing what to expect daily nothing is missed or skipped and you meet goals and expectations. What you are attempting to evade is postponing your degree due to overwhelming responsibilities. Once you develop a system with perhaps a daily planner or calendar you ensure your kids and spouse are not neglected from time. Although, your job has a set time of hours, you still have to make time to study and or even attend night school if necessary. According to Barry University (2007), study skills are essential first starting with classroom strategies and then time management second. They state that the first session sets the tone for the class and usually outlines ...

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...astically benefit, families, and communities. To these challenges of an education, adults will, and must learn to balance everyday life obligations, with the demanding stress load of achieving their college degree.

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