Challenges Faced By The Arab Spring Essay

Challenges Faced By The Arab Spring Essay

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3) In today’s world of global politics, leaders face many challenges as a single event can have widespread effects in other countries. The example of the Arab spring portrays how a country’s leader may face the consequences of angry citizens. The Arab spring started with a man burning himself after not being able to find a job and soon after, the world witnessed the fall of four Arab leaders and demonstrations against many others. Therefore, to be successful in securing the interests of their citizens and providing for world order, leaders must be able to tackle world issues without putting their nations at risk, cooperate with other leaders in solving disputes, and to actually care about others as much as they care about their citizens in matters such as the case of refugees and the environment.
Furthermore, the leaders today face many challenges in a shorter period of time compared to leaders in the past as the world is moving at a faster pace. Leaders such as Justin Trudeau are facing multiple global issues such as Canada’s role in the coalition against the “Islamic State”, the falling oil prices and spending issues, tackling climate change, and delivering other promises made during the 2015 elections. As a result, a leader must take a well-informed approach to an issue and take into account both the short term and long term consequences for both his country and the world. Despite having to deal with many local issues, a leader’s solution could affect the global economy. An example would be increasing or decreasing a country’s oil exports as that would have a direct impact on the global oil prices especially if the country is a member of an organization like OPEC. Also, another example would include the decision of Arab lead...

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...ompanies release new models every year and customers do not seem to care about the human rights violations behind the devices they purchase (Sutton, 2014). As a result, global corporations and companies maintain their practices in violating human rights without facing penalties as many of the world’s foreign policies turn a blind eye to one of the world’s biggest and most profitable industries.
Therefore, in pursuit of wealth and prosperity, many first world citizens are culpable as they have lost their moral responsibility towards citizens of other countries as a result of being interdependent economically and politically. In summary, Globalization has many benefits to the citizens of the first would, however; globalization has left many of the global issues unattended such as a finding a permanent solution to climate change and maintaining a conflict-free world.

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