Challenges Faced By Students With Severe Disabilities Essay example

Challenges Faced By Students With Severe Disabilities Essay example

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Students with severe disabilities have many challenges that they face daily. Instruction for students with severe disabilities in grade-appropriate general education classrooms is a key element of educational success for these students. The following essay will discuss the benefits, barriers, case review, and collaboration needed to help individuals with significant disabilities.
A benefit to inclusion is students are given the opportunities to access the general education curriculum (Leach, 2014). Allowing students to access the general education curriculum can surprise you with just how much the students can learn from the general education classroom. Learning alongside their peers allows them to learn skills for post-secondary life (Leach, 2014).
In addition, students with severe disabilities can learn communication and social skills from inclusion in the general education classroom (Leach, 2014). Students learn best from each other when it comes to learning communication and social skills. There are even some social ques that are specific to the school you are at that students learn from each other. For example; students may walk two tile from the wall throughout a building. This is a skill that another student could teach them.
An additional benefit to inclusion is the use of differentiated instruction. In differentiating your instruction you can then reach a diverse amount of learners (Leach, 2014). Differentiate instructions should be used in a classroom no matter if you have students with severe disabilities or not.
One barrier is many research-based skills to help students with severe disabilities are not used in the general education classroom (Leach, 2014). How do schools enforces the use of research-based skill...

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...neral education classroom. There are both benefits and barriers to being in the general education classroom, nevertheless the benefits out weight the barriers.
Students with severe disabilities have more opportunities to learn from their peers when they are in the general education classroom. Karen Gaffney is an amazing young woman who has Down’s syndrome. Karen has shown us that with a great support system and self-determination anything is possible (Beck, 2012).
At the end of the day the first team that needs to work together to help a student are the teachers and parents of the student’s. Teachers and parents should collaborate to establish what is best for the student when they are younger. When the student is old enough to make his/her own decisions he/she then becomes a part of the collaboration. Everything should be done in the best interest of the student.

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